How To Coupon Properly

Saving money on shopping can be tough, but we all have budgets making demands on us. Making clever use of coupons is the way to go to save a ton of money you can better use elsewhere.

Coupons can seem like a drag, and not worth the effort. Then there’s people like those featured on extreme couponing, who make incredible savings- but who has hours and hours to spend in the store? Fortunately, there si a happy medium you can strike to do your best without having to effectively move into the shop.

Firstly, be aware that a lot more couponing is available then you may think. In fact, you can print dog food coupons pretty easily, enabling you to help save on Fido and Miss Kitty’s food as well as your own. Secondly, try to hold back coupons until the product in question is on sale. Now, that’s where it’s easy to take it to the obsessive levels you see on TV, and most of us can’t do that, but do take a moment or two each week to sort through store promotions and see what you can snag. A little clever organization will make it a task that can be done pretty easily. Remember, though, to stick to good sales. That’s something you actually use, and something that’s decently marked down. Some so called ‘sales’ are only marginal mark downs. You’re looking for things that are truly deeply discounted. If you want to take couponing to the extreme, learn not to be brand loyal, too. While most people will decide there’s a few brands they can’t live without, most buy things by rote with no thought. For these purchases- laundry detergent, say, or peanut butter, whatever it is you truly don’t care about- then be prepared to buy the cheapest offering rather than the specific brand you first reach a hand for.

Remember that not all coupons are created equally. Some give miniscule discounts just like those sales. Sadly, a lot of pet food coupon companies do that to people. Let them expire. If you want to get even more hard-core, don’t be afraid to lose a ‘good’ coupon you can’t match with a sale. Likewise, remember to stick strictly to things you really actually need to buy. Sometimes, you get caught up in the couponing side and forget that you don’t really need the thing you just bought, even though it was a great price.

While you don’t quite have to descend to the coupon binder stage of the extreme couponer, know that you are also going to have to find some way of organising your coupons. Keeping them willy nilly will lose you deals and drive you to despair. Trust us on this. Likewise, be a little savvy with what you print- don’t go printing coupons you won’t get to using, because you’re wasting ink and time

It’s easy to make coupons- even pet food coupons- work for you, even if you don’t have the time and dedication of an extreme couponer.